Fitness People

A social fitness app.


Fitness People is a mobile fitness app that unites users to a fitness community that empowers them to stay consistent with their fitness and nutritional goals through personalized plans, trackers, and social interconnectivity.


Take user research to discover the goals, needs, motivations, and frustrations of millennials involving physical fitness and health then design an interactive experience that motivates them to stay persistent with their fitness and nutrition goals.

User Persona


People who struggle with staying consistent with their fitness goals need a supportive fitness community where they can gain motivation, inspiration, and track milestones to turn fitness from a struggle to a dedicated lifestyle.

Design Principles

I researched companies within the fitness space to learned about what makes each company unique, successful, and found opportunity gaps that I could consider for ideation. With my research findings coupled with my understanding of my user's needs, goals, and motivations, the following design principles were formed:


User must be able to customize their fitness and nutrition plan that fits their needs and interest.


The product must give the user the power to take control of their fitness experience.


User must be able to track their history and daily activities.


The product keeps users commited by uniting them to a community that makes them feel they are part of something greater than themselves.


The user must have the ability to connect with a community of users who share the same goals.


The product must offer the user access to a variety of classes.


Users will have full control of their fitness and health journey with personalized fitness and nutrition plans based on their needs and interest and are also encouraged to browse and unlock badges by accomplishing set goals. They will also be able to easily track their progress for both earning badges and their personalized plans. In addition, each user will belong to a subset community within the larger Fitness People community where they can connect with other users who share similar fitness and nutritional goals.

Onboarding Questionnaire

To get started, the user is asked to complete a questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, the user will receive a personalized fitness and health plan.

User flows and Prototypes

Discovering Fitness and Nutrition Journey
A guided questionnaire is used during the onboarding process to provide users with a personalized fitness and nutrition plan based on their specific needs and interest.


Here is a walkthrough video demonstration of how to complete the questionnaire.

Personalized Workout Plan and Tracker
After completing the guided questionnaire, a personalized fitness plan is created for the user.

Here is a video demonstration of how to view the personalized workout plan.

View Achievements Page and Browse Badges
Users can also browse and earn a variety of achievement badges throughout their fitness journey. The badges serve as an inspiration and a visual representation of their performance in the different types of set goals they want to reach.

Here is a video demonstration of how to view view achievements and browse badges.

Personalized Nutrition Plan and Tracker
Logging meals and tracking calories is convenient with the integrated nutrition tracker. By navigating to the Nutrition page, the user can toggle between the Nutrition Tracker and their Nutrition Plan.

Here is a video demonstration of how to view nutrition plan and log in a meal.

Fitness People Community
Users are automatically connected with a community of users who share the same fitness goals where they can share progress, feedback, stories, messages members, and attend events. They can also leave their current group to join another but to keep users responsible and committed, a member can only belong to one group at a time.

Here is a video demonstration of how to view current fitness group and join another group.

You can view the full prototype here.