An app that helps readers find new books to read.


Book readers often want to read a new and exciting book but with the abundance of available books, users have a difficult time making a decision.

How can we make it easier to find a new good book to read?


Make the process of finding a new favorite book fun, interactive, and simple. By using a unique matching process we can help users discover books they want to read while filtering out books they have no interest in reading. To make the experience more fun and exciting, each week we can introduce our user to one book that should be a perfect match.


For this product and service, I came up with the name Bookworm and designed a logomark, wordmark, and combination mark for it using the following guidelines: simple, straightforward, and instantly recognizable.

Style Tile

I created the following style tile for visual inspiration.

Discovery Process

The process of discovering the perfect book to read is a three-step process. First, the user is asked to select genres from a non-fiction genre list and next from a fiction genre list. Secondly, the app will ask the user what books he or she has read in the past. The last part asks the user what his or her all-time favorite book is.

Step 1

Select genres from a non-fiction genre list and next from a fiction genre list.

Step 2

Search and select books you have read in the past.

Step 3

Search and input your all time favorite book.


Here is a video demonstration of the process of finding a new favorite book.

Once the user completes the questionnaire, Bookworm will search for a perfect book recommendation.

If the user is not satisfied with Bookworm's perfect book recommendation, he can view other book recommendations on the home page.

At any time, the user can navigate to the home page, book list, and profile.

You can view the full prototype here.