Bon Voyage

A travel app concept that helps connect traveler with other travelers in different cities around the world.


Bon Voyage is a travel app concept that help travelers find other travelers in different cities around the world.


Design a travel product/service that helps travel enthusiasts get travel destination recommendations while also helping them find other travelers.


User research and user interviews were conducted and from these transcripts, I gathered insights to build an understanding of our primary audience.

I collected the following insights:

  • Users want to discover fun things to do while traveling.
  • Users want insights and recommendations on everything a place has to offer, even unfamiliar territory including off-the-beaten path places to maximize time in a different city.
  • Users want to do research before visiting unfamiliar cities.
  • Users want to feel safe when traveling.
  • Users want to meet people and socialize to build special connections that make a trip memorable.

User Personas

From the user research and transcripts of user interviews, I gathered insights to build an understanding of our primary audience and identified patterns in my user's goals, motivations, frustrations, influences, and travel behaviors then created user personas.


With my user personas created and problem defined, I put together a list of requirements that my product needs.

Help users stay informed

User must be able to have up-to-date weather reports, recommendations for events, travel guides while online and offline.

Enable users to connect with others

The product must have a messaging system for group chats and direct messaging.

Personalized experience

User must be able customize their experience based on budget, timeframe, age, gender, relationship status, and interest.

Mapping a Solution

I created an application map to indicate major touchpoints of the Bon Voyage app which would inform the wireframes later in the project.

Initial low fidelity concepts

After I organized the Design solutions & Features to be included into my app, I was ready to create clickable prototypes for my concept. I started with a paper prototype and increased fidelity through iterations.

The following are the wireframes screens I created after my initial paper prototype.

Visual Design

I created two mood boards and style tiles for visual inspiration.

Visual Direction 1

Visual Direction 2

Based on user feedback, I went with Visual Direction 1 for its brighter colors and fun vibes.

High fidelity Prototype

After creating initial low fidelity concepts, I created a high-fidelity prototype using the following screens.


Here is a video demonstration of how to search and purchase a flight.


Here is a demonstration of how to connect with other Bon Voyage users, view profiles, and view messages.

You can view the full prototype here.