Bird House

A team management system that helps teams collaborate, communicate, plan projects, and manage tasks.


Teams need a way to communicate and manage their time when working on projects. Bird House allows project managers to create a project workspace where members of a team can collaborate, communicate, and complete tasks within set deadlines.


I wanted to build a fun workspace where teams can enjoy the process of completing project tasks. The product vision was to design an interface that makes working on projects more enjoyable by providing an exciting, interactive, and lively experience for users.


To begin a project, a project manager must first create a workspace. After a workspace is created, the project manager can send a connection request to teammates via email or by using a provided link. Once the invitation is accepted, teammates can begin messaging each other. Creating a task or a to-do list is the next step and that will involve creating a task name, description, deadline, and attaching necessary documents.


I designed a logomark, wordmark, and combination mark to visually communicate the identity of my service and also to make the product a bit more memorable.

Style Tile

I created the following style tile for visual inspiration.

High-Fidelity Screens

Based on the wireframe, brand, and design style I created the following interfaces.


The following is a video demonstration of how to begin a project.

Here is a video demonstration of how to send a message.

You can view the full prototype here.